Pukyong’s Student Exchange Program offers a unique opportunity to experience a new learning environment while creating your own unique international network as an exchange student at one of Busan’s most prestigious universities! It is a multi-faceted immersion into Korean life and culture, offering THREE popular choices: student exchanges, internships, and a Korean language program. For more details, please refer to http://oia.pknu.ac.kr

About the program

Student Exchange

PKNU offers a program for those students who wish to join our university’s regular courses on our main campus! A variety of courses are offered in English by individual colleges and departments, along with courses specially designed to offer a new perspective and understanding of Korea. The list of courses taught in English will be available in the middle of January for the following spring semester, and in July for the following fall semester. In addition, this list will be sent to all accepted exchange students by e-mail with instructions on course registration. Exchange students can take up to 18 academic credits per semester, and most courses are worth three credits.

PKNU Internship Program

During your exchange period, you can gain not only academic credits but also Korean workplace experience! PKNU offers international students the chance to integrate into the Korean workplace through internships in a diverse range of occupations, including our university, local government and Korean companies. The internships are arranged at the beginning of the semester, and last for 15 weeks. Students work for 20 hours per week to receive 5 credits. Most internships are unpaid.

Korean Language and Culture Program

Since 2001, PKNU has run the Korean Language Training course for thousands of international students from different countries. In this program, students can cultivate their Korean language ability through organized Korean language classes on a beautiful campus located close to the famous Haeundae and Gwangali beaches. The PKNU Korean Language and Culture Program offers the opportunity to study one of the world’s most commonly spoken languages, with over 75 million native speakers, and a unique and logical writing system that can be learned in a matter of days. PKNU opens 3 different levels of Korean language courses. These are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes, and each course runs for 10 weeks (200 hours per session).

  • Bachelor´s degree holder & Master's degree holder or prospective degree holder
  • Those having qualifications equivalent to the above according to the pertaining statute
    • Middle manager and executives are preferred in enterprises and institutions
    • There is no restraint on undergraduate major of the applicants


  • You must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at one of PKNU’s partner universities.
  • You should be a participant in a Student Exchange Program at PKNU.
  • You must have language proficiency in either English or Korean.

Application Procedure

Starting Semester Application Notification of Acceptance Acceptance packet sent by
Fall semester May Late June Early July
Spring semester November Late December Early January

Required Documents

  • Application Form
  • Letter of Nomination – from your home university
  • Certificate of Enrollment – from your home university
  • Official Transcript – from your home university
  • Copy of Passport (photo page)
  • One ID Photo (3*4cm)

Academic Calendar

Semester Duration - 15 weeks Issuance of Transcript
Spring semester March 2 ~ Mid June Mid July
Fall semester September 1 ~ Mid December Mid January
* An official transcript will be sent to your home university for credit transfer.